WINWOOD DNA STUDY, in conjunction with Relative Genetics, conducted a DNA study to establish genetic links within the English Winwood family. The initial project was an effort to determine whether a genetic link exists between the Winwood families “originating” in the Norfolk/Suffolk area with those of the Worcester/Shropshire area.  Both Winwood families have records dating back to the early 1500's but no recorded link has previously been identified.

There is no cost to participants of this study – is funding the collection and analysis.

The collection process is noninvasive – the samples are collected via a wand/swab that is rubbed on the inside of the cheek.  No blood or other tissue samples are needed.

Privacy will be strictly maintained – no private information will be published without prior approval of the donor/participant.

If you, or a qualifying Winwood family member, would like to participate in this on-going study, or if you have questions about it, you may contact the project coordinator, Richard I. Winwood, at : .  If you would like to learn more about Relative Genetics you may do so by going to their web page:



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