Although a relatively uncommon name, Winwoods, throughout history have held prominent positions in society including serving as government officials, business leaders, actors and artists.  Following are a few of the more well known Winwoods:


Sir Ralph Winwood (1561-1617)
Secretary of State, England

Sir Ralph Winwood was Secretary of State to King James I.  Click here for more information on Sir Ralph Winwood


  Estelle Winwood (1883-1984)

An actress from the age of 5, Estelle was trained at the Liverpool Repertory company. As an adult, she specialized in the plays of such leading theatrical lights of the early 20th century as Shaw and Galworthy.  In films from 1933, Estelle was often cast as eccentric, birdlike old ladies, some few of which were capable of homicide. She is fondly remembered for such characterizations as Leslie Caron's "fairy godmother" in The Glass Slipper (1953) and the pass-the-hat lady in The Misfits (1961). Closing out her film career with the 1976 detective spoof Murder by Death, Estelle Winwood continued appearing on television until she passed the century mark; she died in her sleep at the age of 101. 

NOTE:  Estelle may not be an actual "Winwood".  It has been rumored that She used the name Winwood as a stage name.  


Steve Winwood

Steve, a well-known and influential musician since his teenage years in the mid-60s in Birmingham, UK, has released over 2 dozen albums between his solo efforts and with the following musical groups:  Spencer Davis Group (with his older brother Mervyn, called "Muff"), Traffic, and Blind Faith.  Steve has also appeared as a guest musician on many other artists' albums, including George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, and Billy Joel.  Steve has 8 Gold Albums, 2 Platinum Albums, 7 Number One albums, and 4 Grammy Awards, for his work.  He currently divides his time between homes in Nashville, Tennessee, and near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK, with his wife and 4 children.


Charles W. Winwood
Former Acting Commissioner, United States Customs Service
Click here to view more information about Charles Winwood on the US Customs website.


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