The purpose of the photo gallery is to have a visual depository of Winwood families or individuals for the enjoyment of all interested.  We strive to have the oldest photograph of a Winwood and also the newest!  When submitting photos, please include the names and necessary dates and places of the people in the photo. You can submit your Winwood photos by e-mailing them here.

Robert Winwood, Born 1877 Shotton Colliery, Durham, England - Son of Robert Winwood of Weststow, Suffolk, England
Sarah Winwood, Born 1887 Wingate, 
Durham, England - Daughter of Robert Winwood of Weststow, Suffolk, England
George Winwood Family, Durham, England c.1895 Son of George Wnwood of Lackford, Suffolk, England.  Children Left to Right:  Bert, George, Ted, Amelia and Maud.  George (with the violin) was killed in action during WW1

Joseph Winwood (seated), b. 1883 Durham, England, d. 1940 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA   Son of Henry Winwood, Lockford, Suffolk, England
Samuel & Irene Winwood, Samuel Born 1915 Durham, England (Dennis' Parents) - Son of Robert of Sholton Colliery, Durham, England

Harry & Peggy Winwood, Harry Born 1917 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA
William Robert Winwood, b. 1901, d. 1993, Brownsville, Pennsylvania, USA with wife Maria of Andernach um Rhine, Germany.  Son of William Robert Winwood of Durham, England

Robert Ivan Winwood, Portland, Oregon, USA  c.1950, Captain in the St. John's Woods Fire Department.  Grandson of Horatio Winwood of Durham, England
Dennis Winwood - Son of Samuel & Irene of Durham, England
Rod, Jim & Richard Winwood, Portland Oregon, USA
Photo c. 1989 - GGGsons of Horatio Winwood of Durham, England
Jerry & Linda Winwood and family, Jeanelle, Pennsylvania, USA c. 1999 - GGGson of Horatio Winwood of Durham, England
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