The senior line of the Winwood family had a crest and coat of arms.  The crest is described as a marquees's coronet a phoenix rising with wing's expanded and a laurel vert in its beak.  Richard Winwood's (1609-1688) shield is split into quarters.  The upper left and bottom right quarters have a cross botany, while the upper right and bottom left there are 3 fleurs-de-lis.  The colors are dark green on a white background.  This crest and coat of arms are displayed on a tomb belonging to another Richard Winwood in Quainton parish church in Buckinghamshire and also on some Alms house's owned by the Winwood Trust just outside the church.

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The Historical Research Center sells a copy with an eagle instead of a phoenix and a single botany cross.

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Richard Winwood's sister, Ann (1617-1644), married Edward Montagu and lived at Boughton House .  On the Broughton House web page, found under family history for Ann's son Ralph 1st Duke Montagu there is featured a picture of a tapestry.  Ann's coat of arms appears half way down on the left and also on the right.  Ann's coat of arms is on the right half of the shield shown below.  It is similar to her brothers but in one of the quarters the fleur de leys have been replaced with a chevron.

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The crests and coat of arms displayed above have been derived from written descriptions.  These pictures are only the artist's depiction and translation.  The owners of this web page make no claim that they are actual representations of the original Winwood family crest and coat of arms.  

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